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Latest Additions Total URL Schemes: 64
User Application Name BundleId URL Scheme Description Added
cxkes Twitter com.atebits.Tweetie2 twitter://mentions Go to your Twitter mentions tab. 3 years ago
cxkes Alien Blue com.reddit.alienblue alienblue://r/subreddit_here Opens the designated subreddit. Replace 'subreddit_here' with the sub name. ie: alienblue://r/iostraverse 3 years ago
cxkes GBA4iOS com.hip.GBA4iOS.ipa gba4ios://rom_name_here Opens your ROM automatically. Replace 'rom_name_here' with the name of the ROM displayed in GBA4iOS. 3 years ago
cxkes Tumblr com.tumblr.tumblr tumblr://x-callback-url/new Opens the New Post page on Tumblr. 3 years ago

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