F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find URL Schemes?
— There are various sources for finding URL Schemes for your favorite applications.
How can I edit an action I've already created?
— This feature was recently added in Traverse, you can edit your config by:
  1. Accessing Traverse's settings from the Setting app.
  2. Tap on any of your installed configurations.
  3. You can now edit that configuration.
How can I setup an Activator 3D Touch Action with Traverse?
— This feature is currently in beta and was introduced in Traverse v1.1.1-63. As of right now, we can use Traverse to trigger an Activator assigned action.
  1. In Activator, choose any trigger and assign an action to it. Such as a Long Hold on the Home Button.
  2. Verify that the action you assigned in Activator works.
  3. Open Traverse's setings and create a new action.
  4. Fill in the Title, Subtitle, URL Scheme and Icon with what you wish.
  5. For the URL Scheme, click the 'Activator' button.
  6. From the list of Activator triggers, select the trigger you just assigned in Activator.
  7. Save your configuration, and test out the 3D Touch menu!
If you need help with setting this up, please post in /r/iOSTraverse.
Why doesn't the 3D Touch menu appear after creating an action?
— If the menu does not appear, simply open the application, wait 2-3 seconds, and then kill the app via the App Switcher.
How can I remove shortcuts that persist after removing Traverse?
— This issue should have been resolved in version 1.0.3-2 of Traverse. If it persists, please try the steps below.
  1. Add this repo in Cydia: cydia.bolencki13.com/repo.
  2. Install the package named Traverse (Fix).
  3. The issue should be resolved.
Where can I talk about Traverse with other users?
— You can converse with other Traverse users in the Traverse subreddit.
What I'm looking for isn't listed here! :-(
— Please contact @cakespls (developer of this website), or @bolencki13 (developer of Traverse) on Twitter.

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